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Hearts & Arrows Scopes
Unique designed scopes will reveal the hidden beauty and brilliance of hearts and arrows pattern of the diamond in the setting jewelry, or loose stones ,anyone can clearly see the effect of the 8 symmetric arrows in the top view of the diamond and 8 symmetric hearts from bottom view.

Made of plastic materials,one of the most clear viewing of hearts & arrows scopes,economic cost,suitable for sales aid for harts & arrows diamond jewelry in the jewelry retail store, or promotion sales of hearts & arrows loose diamonds Silk-screen printing customer logo .Packed in coloured box or white box
Order Number:HA-01.
Small Hearts & Arrows Scopes
Most common used large hearts & arrows scopes ,with white acylic plate,which make clear viewing of hearts &arrows, completewith black plate,only for loose stones,Good presentation of hearts & arrows pattern in the jewelry retail store,Good for large loose stones display, Packed in white box
Order Number:HA-02.
Deluxe version of large hearts & arrows scopes, same size as HA-02 made of metal plate,good for deluxe presentation ,Packed in white box,
Order Number:HA-03.
Large Hearts & Arrows Scopes
Most popular used deluxe hearts & arrows scopes, made of metalln the lower part, top part made of acylic frog finish, best give away gifts for jewelry store or diamond dealer of hearts & arrows diamonds ,can be made of a colours according to pantone #,customers logo can be sillk-screen printed or laser marking ,Sizes£º60mm*25mm in diameter packed in white or coloured box,or velvet bag,
Order Number:HA-04.
Deluxe looking hearts & arrows scopes,similar to HA-04, but in a different styles,Also good promotion sales aids,Same packin as HA-04
Order Number:HA-05.
Lipstick Hearts & Arrows Scopes
ORDER NO.HA-04--05
Econmical hearts & arrows scopes, the most clear viewing of hearts & arrows pattern,recommenden for factor usr,or for anyone who seek more clearing view of hearts & arrows,not care for outside looking of hearts & arrows scope Packed in white box
Order Number:HA-06.
Small Hearts & Arrows Scopes
Hearts & arrows scopes with fransparent base, small version of HA-02, the most Clearing viewing of hearts & arrows pattern ,suggested for loose stones only,not suitable for stones over 1 cts,Packed in white box
Order Number:HA-07.
Hearts & Arrows Scopes Complete line
Small version of HA-04,this compact designed scope is preferred by jewelry retail stones,also economical cost for giving away, accept any colours,Silk-screen printing or laser marking logo,Packed in white box or velvet bag,
Order Number:HA-08,Long version HA-09
Hearts & Arrows Scopes New Style
ORDER NO.HA-09,08,
Special designed tube type hearts & arrows scopes,elegant,deluxe looking and stylish,ideal for jewelry retail stores to give away to customers when selling hearts & arrows diam ond jewelry, Not recommend for loose stones,Parked in wite box or velvet bag
Order Number:HA-10
Special designed square type hearts & arrows scope, can be made with different colours ,and different sizes as per clients request,
Custom designed hearts & arrows scope is acceptable
Order Number:HA-11
Newly desinged deluxe heats &arrows scope for big size diamond,such as 1.Oct up.
Order Number:HA-12
Same size as HA-02,03,but more deluxe presention of hearts & arrows for jewelry retail shops
Order Number:HA-13
Large version of HA-O4,for large stone 1.0ct up.
Order Number:HA-14
Small economic type of hearts & arrows scope.
Order Number:HA-15
Small transparent material hearts &arrows scope.
Order Number:HA-16
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